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Cornish Association of South Australia
Cornwall, a beautiful, rugged land hiding great riches beneath it’s green pastures. At first these riches of copper and tin were taken from exposed seams, but eventually the miners had to dig deeper and deeper beneath the ground to obtain these riches. Working so far beneath the ground the Cornish developed skills in cutting through the hard granite so common in Cornwall and ‘these skills allowed to them becoming amongst the best hard rock miners in the world’. Their prowess in this field led them to be sought after wherever new mineral deposits were found, notably Mexico, North and South America, Africa and of course Australia. “Been to Moonta ‘av ee – Naw – well ‘ee ‘avn’t bin enywhere” was a common question asked in Cornish communities around the world
Wherever they went they took their technology e.g. Cornish boilers (from Harveys of Hayle) and their traditions of sport, music and religion. They left lasting memorials of their distinctive engine houses and chimneys throughout the world.

Kernewek Lowender (the Cornish Festival)
This is an important aspect of Cornish life in South Australia.The Cornish Association of S.A. is involved and actively supports the Festival. The Association runs “Meet the Cornish” and our Biennial Seminar in conjunction with the other events during the Kernewek Lowender week. The Seminar comprises presentations of original research papers relating to a specific theme. The 2017 theme was Cornish music and created a lot of interest Please head to the Kernewek Lowender 2017 page for a review of this year festival.